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HEPA Housing

A HEPA filter housing box is a protective enclosure designed for HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These boxes are essential for maintaining clean and filtered air in environments where air quality is crucial, such as cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories, and industrial facilities. HEPA filter housing boxes provide containment and protection for HEPA filters, ensuring that all air passing through them is effectively filtered without contaminants bypassing the filter. They are constructed to be durable, often feature sealing mechanisms for airtight connections, and may include access panels for filter maintenance. Overall, these boxes are vital components in systems requiring high-quality air filtration.

Specification :-

  • Type :- Bottom Servicable Type
  • MOC :- MS CRCA Powder Coated / Aluminium / Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Powder Coating Thickness:- 60-80 Micron
  • Sheet Thickness :- 0.1 / 1.2mm
  • Box Size :- Customizable As Per Filter Dimension
  • Flow Capacity Range :- 0-1000cfm
  • Damper:- Aluminium
  • Damper Operating :- Bottom Operating
  • DOP/DP Port:- Yes
  • Connection:- Side Connection / Top Connention