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Air Filters

HEPA Filter: A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a highly efficient air filter capable of trapping microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of at least 99.97%. HEPA filters are commonly used in air purifiers, cleanrooms, and HVAC systems to improve air quality by removing allergens, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses.

Fine Filter: The term "fine filter" is somewhat generic and can refer to filters that capture smaller particles than pre-filters but are not as efficient as HEPA filters. Technical specifications for fine filters depend on their specific application and efficiency requirements.

Pre-Filter: A pre-filter is a less efficient filter positioned before the HEPA filter or another primary filtration system. It captures larger particles and extends the lifespan of the more delicate HEPA filter.


Specification :-
  • Frame Type :- Flange Type / Box Type
  • Frame MOC :- Aluminum Anodized (Extruded) / SS
  • Media Type :- Micro Glass Fibre
  • Media Capsulated :- Specialized Epoxy & Hardener
  • Filter Frame Gasket :- Food Grade
  • Sizes :- 610(L)X610(W)X300(H) mm @1000 CFM For Conventional 610(L)X610(W)X150(H) mm @500 CFM For Conventional 455(L)X455(W)X150(H) mm @250 CFM For Conventional 610(L)X610(W)X105(H) mm @1000 CFM For Mini-Pleat 610(L)X610(W)X69(H) mm @500 CFM For Mini-Pleat 455(L)X455(W)X105(H) mm @250 CFM For Mini-Pleat Customized as per request
  • Color:- Exposed diffuser face available in RAL CLASSIC colors


Specification :-
  • Type :- 4-Way Square and Rectangular Diffuser
  • Frame MOC :- Die Formed and Extruded Aluminum Powder Coated / Aluminum Anodized. Different frame types are available to suit almost any mounting condition including surface mount and T‐bar panel types.
  • Optional:- Also available in one way, two way and three way throws.
  • Sizes:- Diffusers are available with wide variety of core styles and neck sizes. A combination can be selected to suit a specified air pattern and deliver the desired volume of air to suit any particular requirements.
  • Damper Operating:- Opposed blade damper is screw operated from the face opening of the diffuser after removing the inner core.
  • Efficiency :- 99.99% - 99397% down to 0.3 micron (H13 & H14)
  • Static :- IPD : 20MM WG, FPD : 60MM WG


Specification :-
  • Frame Type :- Flange Type / Box Type
  • Frame MOC :- GI Powder Coated/ Aluminum Anodized
  • Media Type :- Non-woven supplied media stitched with wire mesh for strength.
  • Reusable Type :- These filters are reusable type and can be cleanable and washable.
  • Sizes :- 600(L)X600(W)X50(H) mm @1000 CFM Customized as per request
  • Pressure Drop:- Low Initial Pressure Drop
  • Efficiency :- 80-95 % , Larger Than 10 Microns (G2/G3/G4)