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Air Diffusers

Air diffusers are essential components in cleanroom HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, playing a critical role in maintaining the controlled environment of these highly regulated spaces. These diffusers are designed to evenly distribute filtered and conditioned air throughout cleanrooms, ensuring a consistent temperature, humidity, and particle count.

In summary, air diffusers for cleanrooms are integral components of the HVAC system, responsible for delivering precisely controlled and filtered air to maintain the required cleanliness and environmental conditions within these critical spaces. Properly designed and installed diffusers contribute significantly to the success of cleanroom operations across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, and healthcare.

Key characteristics and functions of air diffusers in cleanrooms include:

Air Distribution

Air diffusers disperse filtered air into the cleanroom space in a controlled and uniform manner. This ensures that the entire area receives the necessary supply of conditioned air for maintaining the desired environment.

Ceiling Integration

Many cleanrooms have ceiling-mounted air diffusers that integrate seamlessly with the cleanroom's ceiling grid system.

Adjustable Blades

Some diffusers have adjustable blades or dampers that allow for fine-tuning of airflow distribution to meet specific cleanroom requirements.

Low Turbulence

Air diffusers are designed to minimize turbulence, as excessive air turbulence can disrupt the controlled environment and cause particles to become airborne.


Air diffusers for cleanrooms are typically designed and manufactured to comply with industry standards and regulations, such as ISO 14644 for cleanliness classifications.

Swirl Diffuser

Swirl diffusers are a type of air distribution device used in cleanrooms and HVAC systems to provide efficient and controlled airflow. They are designed to produce a swirling or radial airflow pattern within a space, which can be advantageous in certain cleanroom applications. Swirl diffusers offer benefits in terms of efficient air distribution and mixing, making them suitable for cleanrooms where maintaining uniform environmental conditions is crucial for product quality, safety, and research integrity.

Specification :-
  • Type :- Circular & Square
  • Frame MOC :- MS CRCA Powder Coated
  • Damper Operating:- High-performance (H or V) plenum box with cord-operated damper blade and pressure tap
  • Sizes:- 300mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm
  • Volume Flow rate :- Upto 500cfm or 840cmh
  • Flow Pattern:- swirling or radial airflow pattern
  • Color:- Exposed diffuser face available in RAL CLASSIC colors

4-Way Ceiling Diffuser

4-way ceiling diffusers are essential components in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, designed to distribute conditioned air evenly throughout a room. They are typically installed in ceilings and feature a distinct design with adjustable blades or vanes that allow for precise control of the direction and velocity of airflow. These diffusers play a vital role in maintaining consistent indoor air quality and comfort by efficiently distributing conditioned air while seamlessly integrating into the architectural design of a room's ceiling.

Specification :-
  • Type :- 4-Way Square and Rectangular Diffuser
  • Frame MOC :- Die Formed and Extruded Aluminum Powder Coated / Aluminum Anodized. Different frame types are available to suit almost any mounting condition including surface mount and T‐bar panel types.
  • Optional:- Also available in one way, two way and three way throws.
  • Sizes:- Diffusers are available with wide variety of core styles and neck sizes. A combination can be selected to suit a specified air pattern and deliver the desired volume of air to suit any particular requirements.
  • Damper Operating:- Opposed blade damper is screw operated from the face opening of the diffuser after removing the inner core.